How do I book with you?


Just find the campervan or motorhome on our website and send us an enquiry by filling out the form on the vehicle page. We will then contact the campervan company and negotiate on your behalf. If the one you requested is unavailable we will find alternative vehicles keeping you informed all the way. It’s easy and we do all the ringing around for you.


Is your Service Completely free of charge?


Yes, our amazing service is completely free. There are no booking fees, no credit card fees and no hidden fees! *Please note that in order for us to find you a great deal the minimum hire period is 14 days


Do I need to give you my credit card details to receive a quote?


No, we don’t require your credit card details to give you a quote


Can I pick-up and drop-off in a different location?


Yes, and we would recommend that you do this so you can see more of the country. So if pick up in Auckland and drop off in Christchurch you don’t need to back track. Normally this wont cost you any extra if are picking up and dropping off in the main depots of Christchurch and Auckland. However, some fees may apply depending on the company you book with and where you wish to pick-up or drop off.


Is vehicle insurance included?


Yes, insurance is usually included with the motorhome and campervans but you can decide on the amount of excess you want to pay should anything happen. So there are usually a few options that we can discuss with you.


Do the Campervan rentals companies include 24 hour roadside assistance?


Yes most do.


When do I need to book?


You should book your campervan or motorhome as much in advance as possible as there is limited availability for all the vehicles especially the larger ones. You won’t save any money by doing this but you will ensure that actually have the campervan you want.


Additional Items


If you need any additional items such as baby car seats, navigation modules, extra equipment etc. please let us know. In some cases these items are free or you may have to pay a small charge for them.


Any other questions?


Please let us know. You can write to us in English or German and we can booking campervans in NZ or Australia


 What is the minimum hire period?

In order for us to find you a great deal the minimum hire period is 14 days