Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand!

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One of things that make New Zealand the best spot for tourist is its spectacular natural beauty and what other better there can be to explore all the nooks and crannies of this incredibly beautiful place than in your own Campervan? You can easily hire your very own campervan from Campervan Hire New Zealand agencies, such as CampervanSelect New Zealand (rental agency), that can be parked up within nature, near the lakes, at the foot of the beautiful mountains and on the side of the beach.

There is no other cheap and freer way to travel- you just say where and when and for how long. There are a number of beautiful and picturesque places to choose to visit while on a vacation in New Zealand, but naturally you will to include the very best and the most captivating spots on your way, so here are five best places to visit in your campervan in New Zealand:


Blue Lakes, Rotorua.


10 minutes drive from the centre of Rotorua, situated on the North Island is the beautifully flowing Blue Lakes. Stop your campervan for a mountain bike ride and explore the lake and the nearby hills or take a boat on rent in the water.


• Puanui, Coromandel


Puanui, Coromandel


Not too far from the very north of New Zealand, Coromandel is an excellent place to be explored on foot. There are numerous treks and hikes through the mountainous area as well as paddle boarding on the beach, so get your Campervan now and enjoy the fresh and clear air that comes with being in the north.

Lake Tekapo


Lake Tekapo


The one spot place for art or centenary lovers, as you will not find a more beautiful picture to pain than the Lake Tekapo on the South Island which is why this is a ‘must visit’ place of New Zealand so park up and take as many pictures as you want to in this spot.


Waihi Beach and the Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty


Waihi is an amazing parking spot close to Coromandel that will give you a clue itself that why it is a must visit place.

Heading slightly further, you will come across Mount Maunganui where you will find white sand, clear waters and wildlife roaming the area to complete that ‘outdoorsy’ feeling.


• Wanaka Lake



Lake Wanaka NZ


A busy yet peaceful stop on the route of Queenstown Wanaka that provides the tourists with the perfect relaxation spot for some chill time! However, there’s more to Wanaka than simply relaxing that can keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Park your own campervan and get busy on the lake by biking or hiking around it or you can even fish or ski over it, however, if you are brave enough, try sky diving over it for a whole new experience this year!

So the next time you come to New Zealand do not forget to visit these 5 ‘must visit’ places in your very own Campervan!


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