Travel Tips for New Zealand

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Travel Tips for New Zealand


Travelling in New Zealand is super easy, economical and safe. The hardest part of travelling this beautiful country is figuring out what to see and how long to stay.  My first trip here was for 2 months and that wasn’t enough but I was working on a farm and the weeks just flew by. Each year I would come back and stay longer but even 6 months wasn’t enough for me in the end so I moved here and got New Zealand residency.

I think the minimum time you should spend in New Zealand is 3 weeks. If you are flying from Europe you will spend the first 3 or 4 days of your holiday recovering from jet lag and airline food. So although you are physically able to travel you won’t be taking it all in. So for the first days take it easy and limit travelling. Find a nice place to chill out and acclimatize to your new surroundings.

It really is hard to go wrong here, whether you are travelling on the North or the South Island. There are so many wonderful places to visit. You should plan your time around the things you like to do. If you like fishing, surfing, and diving then you’d probably want to spend your time in Northland. If you like climbing, skiing, river rafting then you’d probably want to spend more time in the South Island.

In most town centres you will find an Information Centre called iSite. The iSite offers free local information and bookings. You can book your accommodation, bus ticket and activities here at no extra cost. I definitely recommend calling into the iSite if you need some help finding accommodation or what to know the best things to do in the area.

Isite New Zealand


Where to Stay

The Cheapest place to stay is a backpackers where single beds start at around $20-29 NZD and a double would be around $65-80 NZD

Some backpackers allow you to park your campervan hire on their premises but you still pay the camping fee of around $15-20.  You can get a cheap campervan rental from Campervanselect from around $35-70 per day depending on the season.

backpackers New zealand


Motels from $60-150 per night depending on the standard. Some motels are quite basic where others are luxurious. If you travel with kids then motels be quite economical but boring as most people end up watching TV!

Camp grounds are a better option for families as they have playgrounds, idyllic locations. Even if you don’t have a campervan rental, caravan or tent you can book a cabin for $60-100. If you arrive in a motorhome or campervan then you pay per person $20-30 per night.

There is a huge network of bed & breakfast around the country and they cost anything from $80 -300 per night depending on star rating. You will have your own private ensuite room and breakfast will served in the morning. Normally this would be a full English style breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast, coffee and tea etc.

Free camping is an option if you have a campervan hire in New Zealand and this would be free or low cost. You just have to make sure you campervan or motorhome has a permit to free camp. This means an on board toilet and grey water tank. For the best priced campervan hire NZ try campervanSelect based in Nelson. There are options for 2 berth, 3 berth, 4 berth, 5 berth and 6 berth campervans and motorhomes depending on how many you are or how much space you require.


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